People Screening

People Screening

Handheld metal detectors, walk-through metal detectors, explosive detectors and body scanners are called people screening devices.

Our company distributes Walk-Through Metal Detectors from CEIA, a manufacturer with over 45 years of experience in designing and producing metal detectors, a company that is devotingly manufacturing equipments that meets all the requirements of the customers. The sensitivity of the detectors are extremely high, thanks to their high throughput, they provide a quick test.

The sensitivity of the CEIA detector can be adjusted setting it to high will activate the alarm even when it detects just a razor blade – but its immunity to environmental interferences does not deteriorate. Due to its high discriminative ability, the detectors are able to distinguish between personal and dangerous metal objects.

We specifically recommend our handheld metal detectors for usage with detector gates as the combined use of the two product groups provides even more reliable results in terms of personal inspection. The use of handheld metal detectors is a great help when it comes to finding a more accurate, more specific positioning of the dangerous object on the person under investigation.

Eqo manufactured by Smiths Detection is a millimeter wave body scanner that gives an accurate picture of the person’s body and the objects and dangerous substances found. When the body scanners appeared, at first it was a serious problem that the device gave a true picture of the human’s stripped-down body that the operator saw, thus violating the privacy rights. The eqo, however, eliminates this problem by showing a picture of a stick figure and showing the signs of the dangerous objects on that figure it.

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